Your comment appears to be responding to my other recent post on mask-wearing, not on the topic of racism, so I've replaced the subject line and text to which you're responding accordingly. Anyway, my response, paralleling your language and applying its logic to some other possible behaviors that could lessen the risks of Covid-19...

   Exercise, adequate sunlight and fresh air, and taking vitamin C and zinc may well help protect against coronavirus. Even if these things don't help, they arguably won't hurt, aside from mildly inconveniencing you. Does this mean you have a "moral obligation to everyone around" to do them, and that there is "no morally defensible reason" not to regularly exercise, take vitamin C and zinc, and spend enough time outside in the fresh air and sunshine? Does this make it okay for government to mandate that people do these things, under force of law and (as with all laws) the threat of violence? Why or why not?

Love & Liberty,

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