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I'm glad we can agree that it is an overreach for the State to try to regulate people's diets and fitness regimes Eli, and I hope you will hold firmly to that position in the years to come, should it become more than hypothetical. Anyone who supports many other government interventions can be considered "at risk" to support that one too, if such support were to become a mainstream position.

  When it comes to their person, I think it is up to the individual to decide what is intrusive, just as with sex. A particular form of touching that may be welcomed by some would for others constitute sexual assault. To me, mask-wearing requirements – or mask-wearing bans, for that matter – are highly intrusive.

  Not being a nudist, laws against public nudity don't harmfully impact me much, but such statutes are among the silliest and most offensive to our basic humanity of anything on the books. We are all born nude – there is nothing wrong with choosing to go unclothed in public. Why should anyone be criminalized and threatened with violence over this simplest and most fundamental of behaviors?

Love & Liberty,

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