FW: Ballot Measure Proponent Arguments A, B, and AA

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Aubrey's email at work is acting up, so he is making doubly sure that the Activist List gets the attached Proponent Arguments so as to get started on the rebuttals.


Proponant Argument on B_Redacted.pdf (629 KB)

Proponent Argument on A_Redacted.pdf (848 KB)

Offical Proponent Argument on AA_Redacted.pdf (1.28 MB)


In fairness to Prop. AA, it's supposedly going on 9 Bay Area county ballots, so it isn't just SF being asked to pay. That said, it's still a tax increase that would send more resources to already bloated and minimally accountable government authorities.

  Anyway, I'm delighted three of our arguments will appear in the Voters Handbook!

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I found this message from Marcy referring to the proponents arguments attached, but the only attachment appeared to be a graphic from Aubrey's company Standard Fiber.

  If anyone reading this received the proponents' arguments, please send them to me ASAP as they don't seem to be posted on the Elections Dept. website and I'm not finding them elsewhere in my emails. Thanks...

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Thanks Marcy, but maybe that is the problem – the list doesn't take PDF files? Whatever the reason, all I'm seeing still is the Standard Fiber image. Could you send the Proponent arguments to me directly at my personal email?

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