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You may have already seen this. New to me.

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I was with Jeff Yunes and he was just telling me about this NBC documentary and getting ready to post here, when he noticed your email. He told me NBC made 11 episodes, in which he along with many other NH libertarians are featured, and believes it’s good publicity for the Free State Project and the libertarian movement. What a pleasure when the media unexpectedly gives us good/positive coverage! Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely be watching.

One of the episodes of this series, by the way, concerns the government raid on and prosecution of the “Crypto 6” members of the libertarian community on bogus charges related to selling Bitcoin. radio host Ian Freeman – a brave and principled libertarian who is a very effective advocate of freedom and may have done more to promote the FSP than any other single person – is the sole remaining defendant. His case is on appeal after he was sadly convicted by a jury in February, but he is facing potentially decades in prison for doing nothing wrong and could really use your help. I urge everyone to write to the judge in his case and urge leniency. You can read how to do so here:

More details, background, merchandise, etc., are available at as well as in lots of other media coverage of the case that you can find online. My own letter to the judge, which I sent a couple days ago, is attached below. Please get your letters to Ian before his sentencing hearing on April 14!

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March 28
You may have already seen this. New to me.

NBC Boston

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of New Hampshire: An NBC10 Boston Original
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of New Hampshire follows a libertarian political migration known as the Free State Project.

Michael Denny
Libertarian Party of San Francisco
No On Prop A - 2002-2003
(415) 608-0269
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