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We evolved in tribes that succeeded in part due to mutual compassion.

No stupid central planning needed.

Last year my Aunt took me to my Grand Father's grave..

My grandfather was a radical communist anarchist, who according to my mother trekked to NYC every Mayday to march.. He loved to Bellow the Internationale in Yiddish.

Much to my amusement , he was buried in the Workman's Circle Cemetary.

The Anarchists of my hommetown had organized a mutual self help organization. which took upon itself, the duty of seeing that it's members had a decent burial.

There were similar organizations in every walk of life before the advent of the Welfare State.
True community. True properly directed compassion. Thus , irony of irony's my communist Anarchist grandfather was a practicing anarcho capitalist.

It is the welfare check that enables selfish , isolated individualism.

Liberty promotes community.

Yep!!! Central command and control of aid has usurped mutual and done a terrible job.
The quality of aid can be doubled....tripled...quadrupled...when we abolish the security state.


I always look forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing this story.

All the best,