Zero hedge post complaints

I am sorry but this is difficult to read. I just could never master the proper typing skills needed to use the computer lines. The blind stuff is on a PC essentially using MSDOS which I rebelled against in 1985 just like the ad that Apple did at the time rebelling against IBM. So I try to use Siri but her skills are limited and sometimes she has a trash mind like the general public but she follows. So apologies for the dictation. And this is why I often just forward. If we had anything approaching freedom, I would be posting about big coin, Austrian economics, a positive vision of the future but in my opinion we have an eminent hazard of absolute tyranny. They have us locked down they have curfews they have us wearing the Mark of the sheep the masks. I also post about the Covid science. I have a degree in environmental health engineering from the Johns Hopkins school of public health. Plus because I have aids I learned a lot of virology and epidemiology and immunology in the process of keeping myself alive and working at project informed to inform people calling on the hotline about HIV and the body‘s response to. The COVID-19 threat was very real in March and April. Insert. However now we have simply an epidemic of testing. Plus it was predicted and I should’ve posted it here in the summer that we would get our regular winter virus of whatever sort mother nature would choose to make the dominant dominant virus for this this year. It was predicted that the so-called positive test for corona which would show up on many of the people who got sick from this years virus. And thus this year’s regular virus is confounded by the Tess that are positive because of remaining remnants of Covid infection that were handled by immune system of the particular person back in the summer.
And now we are atGavcon 5

And that is the primary reason why I also send post about the election. Because I believe it’s not about Donald Trump versus Joe Biden. It is about the majority free themselves from the endless absolute tyranny of the New York money conjurers and Washington’s tasers and guns.

I forgot who came up with the saying that liberty depends on for bees, th the soapbox, no jewelry God Siri is an idiot The jewelry box The ballot box and the ammo box yes because Siri is a lowlife idiot she puts in the word jewelry for those 12 people who judge the accuse

They have taken away the soapbox. They have taken away the jewelry box and jail those who try to inform the jury. They have stuff the ballot box which will now be a subject of litigation and discovery. If they succeed in taking away the ballot box, at least in the perception of perhaps 70 million people, possibly hundreds of millions of people, and the only thing left is

The ammo box.

In my opinion zero hedge is one of the best sources of the information that is systematically edited out for trash bye many new sources. It hasg The tremendous advantage of being anonymous anonymously written for many articles. I believe there are people who have researched zero hedge outage some of the riders but not all and it’s approximately 21 anonymous writers consist of Tyler Durden. It’s my understanding that many of them are very very big hege find executives or owners. Many of these hedge funds live and die by getting information from deep sources and getting it promptly and understanding the meaning. Most of them are well scored and Meza‘s and hyat and Raphael Do you know Murray Rothbard

I am Jewish and that’s from childhood I’ve had my antenna up for developing Tierney. It’s here it’s real it’s dangerous and we are on the brink. And that is why I post the best that I can. I’ll see you all in the FEMA camp I hope you like government cheese
Sincerely, philip