You're Invited - 5th Int'l Academic Polyamory Conference: Feb 12-14, Berkeley, California

Apologies for being disorganized as usual and sending this notice last-minute, but if you'd like to check out a conference on polyamory happening in Berkeley this weekend, organizer Dave Doleshal has told me I could invite some folks to attend for free. That's pretty cool, since the registration fee was something like $165 if I recall correctly. A short description of the conference is in the forwarded email below; full details can be found at

  Dave extended this offer in light of the fact that I'm going to be speaking at a separate event on poly activism and the politics of polyamory that he's organized for Sunday which is not part of the main conference, but will likely be attended by some of the conference participants who are interested in that subject matter.

  If you'd like to attend either today, tomorrow, or both days, just shoot him an email at dr_dave_doleshal@... letting him know you'd like to come as a guest of Starchild (if you'd "cc" me on the email I'd appreciate it). The sooner the better probably, as he didn't specify a fixed number of guests, but I'm assuming there may be some upper limit. :slight_smile:

  Here is the blurb for my talk happening at 1:45pm on Sunday, as listed on the page for the political conclave , or under the "Ancillary Events" tab on the main page: