Your small business is a low-hanging fruit

Dear Chris;

In actuality going back to the old pre-WWII system where taxes were done once a year without withholding and a check was written out for the tax amount would be more painful.

Yep Reagan did say that and he also said a rising tide raises all boats but he forget about the fact some boats are 300' $30 million mega yacht against someones rowboat with a putt putt putt outboard motor.

His statements also point out a truism about any politician - don't listen to what they say but do pay attention to what they do. As always actions speak louder than words.

Enjoy the Obama-Hillary debate on TV tonight at 8:00 pm Channel 7 it's taped delayed but still should be pretty darn interesting as they go about saying what they will do and hopefully whom they will do it to and how often.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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