Your Forcibly Taken Tax Dollars At Work

Dear All;

From an article I just read your forcibly stolen tax
dollars at work at GM. Obamamobiles anyone?

In 1962 GM had 464,000 employees and 40,000
pensioners an 11.6 -1 ratio. Last year the ratio was
reversed to 1 - 3.2. ( ooopsy). Last year GM had
98,000 employees but is providing medical coverage
for 1 million. ( big ooopsy).

For more Robbing Hood tax dollars at work.

According to the BLS in 2008 public employees
averaged $13.38 an hour in benefits and private
workers $7.98. Total combined comp for public
workers was $39.25 per hour and private industry
$11.90 per hour.

In 2008 government benefits rose 69 cents per hour and
private industry rose 23 cents per hour.

The only somewhat good news is that retiremnet benefits
for public workers for all 50 states are at 85 % funded
of benefits due. However health benefits are unfunded
in all 50 states by some $731 billion.

Isn't it wonderful how politicians like to redistribute
the tax dollars taken from you to go to public employees
who work so hard on your behalf.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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