You Are Guilty - Face Your Penalty

Dear Starchild

Yes you are right I have been robbed several times - the first time was when I was 16 and earned money during the summer working at a carnival - operating the snow cone - cotton candy - pop corn wagon. The IRS and the state came at gunpoint and forced my empoyer to take the income I had earned working some damned long hours and forced them to hand it over to them.

Each job I have had since then the robbers have come and forced my employers at gunpoint to hand over the earnings I earned by the sweat of my brow to the government - the only thing they did to make the money was to send the gunmen out to steal my earnings.

Let the punishment fit the crime - I am referring to the criminal wholesale slaughter of innocent Iraqis by the US military - I am not referring to those Iraqis slain by their own countrymen - just those killed by the US military - because WE and that is the collective WE did nothing to stop the Bushista Regime from going ahead with the slaughter using made up pretexts and then when the falsehoods were discovered doing nothing to to stop any further slaughter.

If we were to storm the Gates of the White House to drag King George II to the guillotine ala the storming of the Bastaille whose side would you be on? The ones attacking the gates or the one defending the gates?

Is that the firing squad - the hangmans noose or the FEMA concentration camps?

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian