Yahoo! News Story - LA blocks new fast-food outlets from poor areas - Yahoo! News

Dear Dr. Mike and All Others;
You are correct that their food costs would rise with an upper scale restaurant charging upper scale healthier food prices. Stretching the dollars for a slightly healthier food doesn't work too good when you buy a whole lot less often because the dollar doesn't stretch like rubber - it just bounces like it's made of rubber. :slight_smile:
I addressed the issue of the poor and the government in an op-ed for the Libertarian Perspective:
The 500 LB. Government Monkey:
The op-ed was picked up by a few MSM types and a very interesting web site of the publication Eastern Group Publications. An English-Spanish bilingual pub that circulates in east and northeast L.A. It's a heavily latino, blue collar and majority Spanish-speaking area. So the article did a very nice cross-boundary to what wouldn't be considered a Libertarian oriented audience.
More of the same should happen as this would expand the Libertarian base to the poor and the lower middle and the middle class who get overlooked a lot. This would also include the atypical really small business owner of the one-person shop up to the 10 employee business. They are the ones constantly getting slammed by taxes and mandates and at the same time provide the majority employment encountered in the South LA region and statewide.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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