- San Francisco Green Party Sees Its Fortunes Sour

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Yes, most of our $700-a-month sustainers have reduced their support,

The article also pointed out how to increase membership:

Ms. McDonald says the local Greens will also try to hold more parties
to attract more voters. "We offer free food and booze," she says. "Who
does that besides us?"

I guess they pay for it out the Sustainers reduced monthly donations of $500.

Ron Getty

The article also pointed out how the Greens lost membership by not focusing on voter registration, support of candidates, and "impractical" ideas. No amount of free booze, or free pizza, can overcome that approach to running a political party!!



  I'm sure there's some truth to the contention that the Greens are in trouble partly because they did not focus enough on voter registration and party-building. But I'd take the "impractical ideas" charge with a grain of salt, as it came from Matt Gonzalez, a politician (former Board of Supervisors president). He, like current Green board member Mirkarimi (who advises in the article for the Greens to work more with Democrats) are I suspect part of the Greens' "reform" faction who, like their counterparts in the LP, want to water down what the party stands for and focus more on winning. That way lies "success", power, money, and eventually if "successful" enough, becoming a corrupt establishment party like the Democrats and Republicans.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))


Hi Starchild,

You address one charge eloquently! So did Michael E. However, I submit the impracticality charge is not at the root of the Greens decline, although a contributing factor. The root cause is the same as that which affects us Libertarians -- a lack of will to build the party. It is not enough to build a better mousetrap, or to have a better approach to political leadership; people need to know you are selling the mousetraps, and they need to be aware of your political views.