- Opinion: Gay Marriage and the Constitution

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Does anyone have a clue how Sotomayor would rule on Prop 8? I don¹t, but am
afraid that whatever she decides, she will not reason correctly. She may
have the right ³empathy², but her thought processes may not be up to the

Ilya Shapiro of the Cato Institute was on ³Al Punto con Jorge Ramos²,
(Univision TV), yesterday. Shapiro said his opinion of Sotomayor for the
job got worse as he listened to her. In particular, he too pointed out the
³wise Latina woman² remarks as being inappropriate for a judge who should
always be impartial.

Sotomayor may mean well, but she seems to lack both knowledge and reasoning
ability. When asked about ³Boumediene v. Bush² and released POWs supposedly
³returning to the battlefield², she could only say she knew nothing about
³military law². Her questioners seemed to know more about the cases, and
the Geneva Conventions, than Sotomayor did.

At first I believed that she still has a little difficulty with the English
language. But when asked about that in a recent interview, she showed she
does not understand the basic grammar of either language:

³For example, in Spanish, we do not have adjectives. A noun is described
with a preposition, a cotton shirt in Spanish is a shirt of cotton, una
camisa de agodon, no[t] agondon camisa.²

(For those who don¹t know Spanish, the quote is nonsense. She may have
confused something a teacher said. Spanish does not have possessives. A noun
is modified with the preposition, ³de², meaning ³of², instead.)

Although Shapiro stumbled a little in has Spanish-language questioning, I
could understand what he meant to say. Unfortunately, although Judge
Sotomayor seemed to speak English better than Ilya Shapiro spoke Spanish, I
often could not figure out what she meant, at all.

Harland Harrison
LP of San Mateo County CA