Would You Consider Sponsoring a Resolution Against the NDAA?

Hi All! Good news for a change! Please read on.



Excellent news! Thank you David for introducing this, and sorry I did not hear about your press conference in time to attend. Could you please send us a copy of the text?

  Do you think your resolution will encounter any opposition on the board? I would certainly expect it to pass. After it passes, what do you intend to do to follow up on the issue? Is there anything we can do to help you address other civil liberties issues? A recent Pew Research Center poll showed that for the first time, most Americans think the federal government is a threat to their rights and freedoms:


  More than half of the people in this country see "their own" government as a threat. This is serious stuff.

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Hi Aubrey,

This is great! I will post the good news on LPSF Facebook. It would be great if others with Facebook accounts or Meetup Groups could spread the word about this.