Wikileaks Resolution

I don't think enough has been said about Starchild's resolution so let me add a
few more points.

I did not support the resolution because I do not agree withs the substance of
it and I do not believe it would advance our goals. There is a difference
between the right to speak and publish your own thoughts and communications and
dissiminating other people's speech. I am sorry if people don't like this. But
it seems to that some people are allowing their feelings and impetuousness to
get in the way of clear thinking.

Also, as a practical point I do not believe that releasing all these documents
is going to promote open and limited government. It is probably going to do just
the opposite. I am sure there are going to be some new laws making
dissiminatioin of classified documents a crime. Also, I am sure there are going
to be countless bureaus set up around the government to deal with document
security. This is going to do for open and limited government what 9/11 did for
airport security.

I guess if people find my views to be too unlibertarian, they can always vote in
someone else on the Ex Comm. I didnt run for this position. I was nominated and
elected unanimously because there were no other takers. Quite frankly I would
agree that LPSF would be better served if someone who is more activist than I
would be on the Ex Comm, but there don't seem to be any volunteers around. My
activism is geared more towards writing letters to the editor and economic
freedoms than in attending rallies.

Les Mangus

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for clarifying your position and for your service. None of us ran for the ExCom this year, but stepped up to the plate when no one else would!!

I am so bothered and bewildered by the WikiLeaks stuff that I am just going to spend my free computer time for the next couple of days enjoying the website recommended by Starchild on the Discuss List! A few laughs will do wonders for me right now.


Just back from Oaxaca Mexico and got the messages. Thanks Marcy and the rest of the ex-comm for participating in this discussion despite the "heat". And you are right, you are "volunteers" and anyone who wants to step up and fill your shoes can do so this January. Since it seems I made a bunch of noise about this, please allow some parting comments.

The goal of the LPSF is to support LPSF candidates of which Starchild is one of our MOST active. He simply asked for a statement from the ex-comm so he would be able to get the LPSF name out in public at an event that he also volunteered to attend with the intention of promoting the LPSF. Trying to keep it simple for the LPSF ex-comm, he submitted a draft but agreement could not be reached.

For obvious reasons the Wizard of Oz couldn't give the lion courage, the tinman a heart nor the scarecrow brains...but still he was able to give the lion a potion to drink that made him believe he had courage. He gave the tinman a velvet heart filled with sawdust that made him happy and the scarecrow a diploma that did the same. It seemed at the time our little LPSF could have found something to do to support a candidate activist...but it wasn't to be.

Now regarding volunteering to participate in the be honest, this experience demonstrate so clearly how organizational politics fails outside of the primary purpose which is to run candidates. While it seems the LPSF can do more like associating with the Private Patrols (thanks Marcy and Starchild), we can participate in these efforts without the LPSF as some of us already have. I can't honestly say anyone we know in the LPSF can do a better job of supporting the basic infrastructure of the LPSF for the purpose of running candidates than the current ex-comm...ideological differnces aside. Another non-LPSF "Liberty" organization could be created to step in outside of areas of the LPSF specific mandate that might be more accomodating for issues like this and I would support it. But the current ex-comm does a fine job of maintaining the basics required.

So thanks to those who volunteer to keep the LPSF infrastructure alive so candidates can run. That's what the LPSF is about. My apologies for expecting more and getting excited about it.


Great ideas, Mike D. Yes, please bring them up at the next meeting. As you, I am hoping for more support of candidates in the future, which will be up to the new Chair, the new ExCom, and the membership to devise and implement.

I will take this opportunity to remind everyone the positions that need to be filled, and the tasks that need to be done. These are BASIC tasks; activism excluded.


Secretary: Takes minutes and posts them on the LPSF website. Picks up mail from the LPSF mail box. I am picking up the mail now, but someone will need to take over that task.

Treasurer: Pays bills, makes deposits, does the LPSF bookkeeping. Important reminder -- Les and I are the signers on the LPSF account right now; I will need to be removed.

Vice Chair: Supports the Chair in whatever needs to be done. Conducts meetings in absence of the Chair

Chair: Prepares the meeting agenda. Conducts meetings. Per tradition, keeps the booth supplies for OPH booths. As I stated at the last meeting, I am not running for Chair or any other office.

Other Positions:

Webmaster: Keeps the LPSF website functioning up technically updated. Please note that Rob, our current webmaster, indicated he might be moving to New York soon.

Internet Communications/Social Networking: Gets LPSF involved. Rob is the current volunteer here also.

Propositions/Ballot Initiatives: Brings up opportunities for LPSF to become involved. Studies and explains ballot arguments, so LPSF can recommend or not items on the ballot.

Membership: Sends out renewal reminders to lapsing members. Has access to Ring Central, and takes messages that are left in the LPSF voice mail. I am doing those tasks now; so a new volunteer needs to take over.

Outreach: By tradition, Starchild is our "permanent" Outreach Director.

Pride Booth Coordinator: If we are to participate, we need a coordinator ASAP. As I understand it Rob (who has been doing an excellent task lo these many years) has requested that someone else volunteer this time. Rob has indicated applications to participate are available now.



Dear Mike;

Thank you for your supportive commentez vous ala the LPSF ex comm.

The splinter group outside group could best be named the Liberation Party. At
least that is what the woman at the front desk at the library referred to it as
when I her asked to open the meeting room.

I kind of like the " Liberation Party " name more than the Libertarian Party
name. For some strange reason the name Liberation Party strikes some type of
resonating chord when I first heard her use it and it has stuck with me.

So on the agenda a splinter party group solemnly referred to as the Liberation
Party.Viva Las Liberation Party!!!

BTW: I am throwing my hat in the ring for Vice Chair for re-election on the
platform of repeal all taxes repeal the Fed and bring all of our troops home
immediately if not sooner.

Ron Getty

Thanks Ron but I don't think a "Party" is what this possible group has in mind. However, endorse you for LPSF Vice Chair….for whatever that is worth.