Wiki on LPC website for people to upload data on legislation? (e.g. AB 2552, Zero-tolerance cannabinoid DUI bill introduced)

It has been periodically suggested (and occasionally acted upon) that the Libertarian Party of California should be analyzing and providing information to our members and/or the public on bills coming out of the state legislature, such as the awful bill described below that would criminalize people for driving motor vehicles with any level of marijuana in their system.

  It occurs to me that a good way to do this, which would not require us to employ a legislative analyst or find a dedicated volunteer for that task, would be to set up a wiki-type feature on our state website that would allow party members and/or site users to upload data about bills, and modify existing entries. Such a feature could have easily readable sets of fields to be filled out including:

• Bill's sponsor
• Bill's co-sponsors
• Date the bill was introduced
• History of amendments to the bill
• Text of the bill (this might be simply a link to the text on an external site)
• Libertarian arguments for the bill (e.g. "none")
• Libertarian arguments against the bill
• Current status of bill (e.g. scheduled to be heard by Transportation Committee on 3/9/12)
• How to lobby on this bill (e.g. call the office of expected swing vote Assemblymember Smith at (916) 555-1212 or email him at Bob.Smith@...)

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