why not use electoral college to elect Governors?

If you are worried about rural votes, why don't you advocate that states elect their governors using a state electoral vote? Every assembly district in California could be given one electoral vote, and then that system would elect the Governor.
There are about 140 democracies in the world, and the US is the only one that holds a popular vote for head of government, and in which the person who comes in 2nd can be the winner. We have many other unique flaws. The US is the only country in the world which holds elections, in which the adult citizens of the capital city have no voting representation in the national legislative body. We are the only country in the world in which some citizens can't register to vote because in the past they committed a crime. We, as Libertarians who pay attention to poiicy, need to broadcast this message to the nation. When it comes to elections, we are a world disgrace.
My interest in stirring up presidential electors is not for or against any candidate. I am just as thrilled if Democratic electors also "disobey". Two Washington state Democratic electors say they will not vote for Hillary Clinton on December 19. I would be thrilled if both major parties had electors who "disobeyed." This action would help persuade the U.S. to grapple with all these fundamental flaws.
Richard Winger 415-922-9779 PO Box 470296, San Francisco Ca 94147

Yes, I am concerned about large population centers, of which there are relatively few in the US, dictating what transpires. No, I do not distress about uniqueness, especially when we as a nation can make changes at the ballot box if we so desire. I have no problem with people promoting changes; I am only expressing my lack of support for the change being discussed here.

There is another message we as Libertarians need to broadcast-- avoiding tyranny of a majority. In this case, the "majority" would be represented by the large population centers. We who pay attention to policy must not forget that.

Regarding votes for governors, yes, people in Yreka might go for that!


Encouraging all electors to "disobey" would help to get rid of the system. Democrats have nothing to lose if their electors vote for Sanders instead of Clinton.
Why would we want to elect an electoral college to elect the governor? Just let the Assembly chose the Governor like a prime minister. How does a primary election even work in an electoral-college gubernatorial race? Do parties use the same system to choose their candidates? Is it "top two" counted by district? (The latter could lead to multi-way ties.) Is there room for any primaries at all? Maybe it has to be ranked choice or something?
Harland Harrison

Yes. I would love to have ranked choice voting. That could work fine in presidential popular votes. It would help dent a two-party system.