Why Intellectual Property is the State's Latest Taser


Your opinion makes sense intuitively. However if you read the history of
intellectual monopoly, you get an entirely different perspective.

Would you like to borrow Against Intellectual Monopoly?

Warm regards, Michael

Hi Michael,

No, thank you. Not because I believe the book would not be interesting, but because judging by your comments, the book does not address my point at all.

I absolutely agree that patents (and copy rights) entail a great deal of worthless lawsuits. We are all aware of the prevalence of "patent trolls."

However, again, as I would say to Warren Buffet, do not wait for laws or lack thereof to keep you from "doing the right thing;" go ahead and give away all you desire. There is no law that forces entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors to file patents; no more than there is a law that forces the rich like Warren Buffet to take income tax deductions!