Why federal stormtroopers raiding pot club when pot is legal?

Obviously the federal stormtroopers raided a legal California medical cannabis dispensary because they do not respect the law, a.k.a. the U.S. Constitution, any more than they respect legitimate rights. Technically only individuals, not states, have rights, so I don't really care about states rights except as upholding them serves to uphold the rule of law and protect individual rights. But I do see the downside of "federalizing" things, even when there is some immediate benefit. In this case however, since unconstitutional drug statutes are already being enforced from the national level, there would seem to be little to lose by passing positive national legislation on the issue.

Yours in liberty,
        <<< Starchild >>>

Dear Starchild;

Your opening statement " Marijuana is already legal, at least under federal law" so why were those DEA storm troopers raiding a LEGAL California medical pot club???

I'm lost here on something not being right??? Please clarify!!!

As far as nationally legalizing personal use of marijuana this is not a bad idea.But then this means states rights are taken away.

Each state legalizing personal use unless the federal law changed would be like California and its medical pot clubs. DEA storm troopers all over the place. Individually there is a lot of work to be done to get the repeals done state by state.

Else why those 700,000 plus personal use marijuana pot busts with only some 600,000 arrests for murder, rape and robbery? Radically skewed priorities brought about by the war on drugs because of the money funnelled through the taypayers to the DEA to the local gendarmes.

MONEY TALKS!!! Especially if it is money Congress does not have to account for becasue it was stolen from the taxpayers.

The main headache I was trying to point out is WHEN - NOT IF the war on drugs is repealed to borrow a phrase you are running acrosss this phrase: Don't break my rice bowl. As the war on drug warriors who fight the drug war battles will be saying one way or another as they battle to keep drugs illegal.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Marijuana is already legal, at least under federal law. But I agree
that it will be difficult to get the federal government to stop
breaking the law by persecuting people for drug offenses, for the
reasons you mention. Difficult, but not impossible. I think that the
tide of public opinion has shifted significantly against the drug war
in recent years.

Yours in liberty,
<<< Starchild >>>

> Dear Everyone;
> We have had various discussion at one time or another about legalizing
> pot and repealing the war on drugs and today stopping the DEA from
> raiding a medical pot store and getting stuck with a pot store as a
> next door neighbor.
> All discussions about legalizing pot and repealing the war on drugs
> are fruitless.
> WHY?
> Think about these impediments to legalization or repeal:
> 1. Finding new jobs for the cops who fight the drug wars.
> 2. Finding new jobs for all those 22,000 (!) DEA government employees.
> 3. Finding new jobs for the prison guards
> 4. Finding new jobs for all those prison administrators.
> 5. Finding new jobs for all other prison employees.
> 6.. Finding new jobs for the attorneys who prosecute.
> 7. Finding new jobs for the attorneys who defend.
> 8. Finding new jobs for the judges who hear those trials.
> 8. Finding a new source of prisoners for all those empty prisons.
> 10. Finding a new type of construction work for all those prison
> construction firms.
> 11.Convincing the liquor lobby legalized pot/drug stores won't put
> liquor stores out of business.
> 12.Finding politicians who are willling to see their political careers
> come to a stop.
> 13. City - county - state - federal governments finding new sources of
> revenue other than seized goods which were taken because they were
> bought with drug money.
> 14. Finding new things for all those drug sniffing dogs to sniff. (
> poor doggies)
> 15. Finding new uses for the military forces used to interdict drugs
> internationally.
> 16. Finding new jobs for drug kingpins and their gangs and
> distributors.
> 17. Finding enough money to overcome the massive amounts of funds the
> above people will contribute to stop legalization
> Ron Getty
> SF Libertarian


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We can make a
big difference
here. See my
post on the
Discuss board.
We can spark
support for the
pot clubs by
doing everthing
we can to
opinion. By
calling for
Republicans to
come to the aid
of the pot
clubs and in so
undermine the
entire left
wing social
agenda, we can
be the spark
that starts a
slow burning
fire for
Liberty. We
should ask Ron
Paul to
legislation to
limit the
We should call
on conservative
Republicans to
seize this
opportunity to
enforce State,
local and
against the
exploitation of
the commerce
clause. We
embarrass the
President by
accussing him
of violently
defending the
core of the
liberal agenda
since FDR began
of State's and
rights. We
should accuse
the Governor of
being a radical
liberal by not
standing up
for the rights of California and Californians. We sholud first see if the log Cabin Republicans will join us. who here knows how to get a press release out and in front of the press. Can we allocate funds for a powerful PR firm. Any ideas from more experiend folks here. Who has a relationship with the Log Cabin of Ssn Francisco. Who can get to Ron Paul. Anybody else excited about this idea? This is our moment to really spark a change. Lets seize it.`


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