Whoa: Main COVID modeler abruptly resigns

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Perhaps you know the name Neil Ferguson.

He has spent his life making wild predictions of doom. He said 200 million could die from bird flu; the grand total was 282 people. He said 65,000 people in the UK would die from swine flu. The actual number was 457.

And so on.

More to our current point, Ferguson is the man behind the COVID-19 models on the basis of which most of the world has shut down. According to his model the UK, where he lives, would have seen 500,000 deaths without radical interventions.

Stay at home, he demanded. "Social distancing!"


It turns out that ol' Neil, rather than abide by the rules he would impose on others, believes he ought to be able to assess the risk level for himself.

We peons aren't allowed to make these determinations, of course. No, we have to stay home alone (even though in some states as well as in Europe around 50% of the deaths from COVID-19 are occurring in nursing homes).

But ol' Neil? He can have visitors.

Evidently he had a visitor quite recently.

His married lover stopped by. Twice.

Once after she had told friends that her husband may have been showing symptoms.


Ferguson has stepped down from his government advisory position.

You really can't make this up.

These are the people running the world right now.

These are the people who have your neighbors scared out of their wits, to the point that they cannot have a rational conversation with you.

But doggone it, you need to have rational conversations at a time like this, or you're going to go out of your mind.

Well, join me in the Tom Woods Show Elite, my group of genial truth-tellers, who won't call you a murderer for wanting a restaurant meal:


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