who ron paul supporters are

It may be worth-while to examine your commitment, before staffing a
booth. When I staffed the Libertarian booth, at that fair, back when
the Libertarians in Montgomery County still had a pulse, regardless
of how thready, a child came up to me and asked me, "Why don't
you want to help the poor?"

Where do you begin, when the very question is so loaded with
assumptions, each of which need to be dismantled, one by one,
before you can even hope to be understood, when you say, "It is 'God',
who helps both rich and poor, when good-will flows among them. Coins
freely given, food and tales and laughter shared, and drafts drawn from
a common cup express good-will. They are not the only signs that
such a thing exists, but they are examples of what I'm talking about.
Coi ns taken by force or any other compulsion are empty of that which
helps anybody. This world could be flooded with such coins, and no
one would be better off. Who is helped, when one man eats filet
mignon under the eyes of him from whom that meat was taken, as Ayn
Rand says, "at the point of a gun"? It is good-will that helps. Giving
freely helps. Not sitting back and waiting for the baron who just
ransacked your house to do so."

I was lucky. The child's mother said it more simply: "I think he's only
saying that he doesn't want the Government to do it."

-- Larry Powers

I have a hard time knowing what I'm doing tomorrow, let alone a month
and a half down the road, but will restate my interest anyway.. As the
date gets closer I may be able to spring for some literature as well.

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