Whip Low Prices Now - pretty entertaining

Whip Low Prices Now

Quite frankly, I am getting tired of harping about the benefits of free
trade. With that in mind, I have changed my tune. We need to "Whip Low
Prices" now.

Mish's 14-step program to Whip Low Prices:

1. Put tariffs on shoes.
2. Put tariffs on socks, underwear, bras, and other textiles.
3. Increase tariffs on beef, sugar, cotton, and cattle.
4. Scrap NAFTA and tell Canada where to go over lumber.
5. Label China, Japan, and India "currency manipulators."
6. Put additional tariffs on all goods from India, China, Japan, and
other currency manipulators. 7. Up the minimum wage to $15 per hour.
8. Mandate unions at Wal-Mart.
9. Have the government guarantee the wages of airline pilots and GM
10. Have the government bail out any city, state, or local pension plans
that are in trouble.
11. Tax companies on the difference between pay rates in India and China
and rates in the U.S.
12. Expand U.S. military bases all over the world. We simply do not have
13. Increase military spending. Spending 100% of what the rest of the
world combined does is obviously not enough. It did not stop Sept. 11,
now did it? I propose we spend 300% of what the rest of the world does.
If terrorism does not abate within 2 years, I propose we immediately up
that to 600% of what the rest of the world spends. Double military
spending every 2 years until the war on terrorism is won.
14. To pay for military spending, I propose we slash taxes across the
board by 75%. Everyone can see how the Bush tax cuts benefited the
wealthy; the reason it did not properly trickle down is that the cuts
simply were not big enough. A 75% further tax cut should cause a
trickle-down effect. If not, taxes should be slashed 90%, or whatever it
takes until everyone is happy.

Most of those ideas have been proposed by others to varying degrees. All
am doing is packaging them up in a nice, neat bundle. Some are even
being implemented already. But if people want to pay more for shoes and
socks and panties and food, then let's do it. To hell with free trade
and lower prices.

To save 750 textile jobs in the United States, let's quadruple the price
of underwear. It makes perfect sense to someone. If $15 an hour minimum
wages with matching tariffs do not Whip Low Prices, then we could resort
to putting a head tax on every customer who goes through the door at
Wal-Mart. We would give that money to the owner of Joe's Convenience
Store, who was rudely awakened from slumber by "unfair competition."

Please note, however, that although higher-priced underwear is
supposedly a good thing, higher-priced oil and health care is not. Why
is that anyway? Oh well, who cares why? The solutions are obvious:
"Free" universal health care and an adequately beefed-up military, so we
can just take all the oil that we want from whoever has it.

As for me, I am tired of watching this scenario slowly but surely play
out. I propose we just take the plunge right now and get it over with.
The quicker the existing system blows up, the quicker we can put a new
one in its place. Death by a thousand cuts is maddening. Let's see some
real action now.

Please call your senators and congressmen tomorrow and tell them you are
sick and tired of paying too little for underwear, socks, shoes, pots,
toys and electronics from China. Demand higher prices today. Tell them
you are therefore in favor of a big bang enactment of Mish's 14-point
proposal to Whip Low Prices now.

Mike Shedlock ~ "Mish"

America's Leading the World to Financial Ruin