Where is Atlas Shrugged playing

For those who were talking about April 15 activities at the meeting on
Saturday, here's another option...

This is a great idea--maybe something fun we could do as a group? What
could possibly be more Libertarian than Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged?! Especially
after all these years. I would be interested in seeing it here in The City--no
point schlepping down to San Jose or up to Marin. Anybody else interested?

Thanks for passing this on, Rob.



Thank you for your invitation.

Since my wife and I live in Marin, we'll be viewing the movie here on 15
April. You and the gang are certainly welcome to join us, along with the
group we'll be with.

We're considering dinner beforehand, then coffee and dessert afterward to
share our reviews.

Warm regards, Michael

Hi Michael! Thanks for the invitation, but by the time I would make it up to
Marin on a Friday evening, it would be coffee time.

Thanks anyway!

Want to organize it as a Meetup, Starchild?