Where do we go from here?

I believe the Libertarian Party is a political party which works to
get our candidates elected into public office. Anything else we do
should be secondary or done by another organization.

As a political party we should be only putting effort and money into
races, which are winnable. If we run any candidates at all in partisan
races they should be paper candidates to maintain ballot access.

We should doing what the other parties do.

Get involved in the communities where we live.
Get appointed to boards & commissions.
Get elected to the easiest position available like dog catcher.
Then move up to School Board.
Then move up to City Council.
Then move up to County Supervisor.
Etc. etc. etc.

We must build our base bottom up, not top down.
There is a reason the pyramids were built the way they were.
They are strong. And they last.
Anything less is a waste of time.
Doing what we have in the past will doom us to the same results we
have achieved for last 34 years (2 - 4%).

Voters want to know your record.
They want to know what you have done in their community.
They want to read about you in their local newspaper.
They want to see you at the events they attend.
They want to know you are all ready working in thier interests.
They want to know who you are, and what you have been
doing on their behalf, not just see your name
on a ballot every 2 years with a L next to it.

High level failure leads to hopelessness and despair.
Lower level successes are easier to attain. They will build a base
and lead to higher moral and more success at higher levels.
Crawl, walk, run, bike, drive, fly, orbit.
Reverse the order and it makes no sense.

Our current system breeds losers. (figuratively)
We have come to accept losing as normal and constantly come
up with new reasons why it is so.

Bottom up. Not Top down. There are no shortcuts in life.

I submit this is the road we SHOULD be on.