What's Up With New Hamsphire and Taxing An Artists Colony?

Dear Everyone;

I'm certain everyone is familiar with the New Hamsphire Libertarian movement. However, the local town of Peterborough wants its cut of the take from the MacDowell Artists Colony. And this doesn't appear to be very Libertarian but confiscatory under the guise of "paying a fair share". Unh Hunh. See a piggy bank want a piggy bank take a piggy bank.

This is the place where, Thornton Wilder wrote "Our Town," Aaron Copland composed "Appalachian Spring" and Dobuse and Dorothy Heyward wrote "Porgy and Bess." More recently, Jonathan Franzen finished writing "The Corrections" and Alice Sebold worked on "The Lovely Bones."

See the story with a little download time needed from the server.


Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Hi Ron -

It was a pleasure meeting you today. This particular event was news
to me, so I can't offer any insight on this situation. Personally,
I'm undecided about the idea of exempting one group to the
disadvantage of another [Yes, I know - I voted to investigate your tax
break idea today] - even to benefit (supposedly) altruistic missions.

On a more general level, there are many reasons why NH as a whole does
tend to be more libertarian leaning than other states, but it is by no
means a Libertopia. Those of us planning to participate have a lot of
work ahead of us if we are to succeed.