What you need to celebrate United Nations Day: A UN flag which has no flame retardants (Day of Shame: Friday, October 24)

What you need to celebrate United Nations Day: A UN flag which has no flame retardants (Day of Shame: Friday, October 24)
The United Nations Exposed by William F. Jasper

Those who think that the United Nations will protect human rights,
must believe that the fox will guard the hen house.

United Nations Conspiracy (Hardcover) by Robert W. Lee

Imagine the same things that The United Nations is doing, in other countries, HAPPENING RIGHT HERE:

That you wake up tomorrow morning, and learn that The United Nations has declared your country to be a "no fly zone". The airport is closed. There are no more flights in or out.

That you head out for work, and you find foreign troops in your streets. These foreign troops have set up "check points". You car is searched, and all weapons are taken from you. All political or religious literature is taken from you. Hopefully you are not arrested. If you ARE arrested you will be held without a trial.

That you learn that some of your fellow citizens organized a protest demonstration, and were shot down in the street.

The February 12th 1999 New York Times accused UN personnel of executing children, suspected of being rebels, and a score of patients at Connaught Hospital in Freetown on January 12th. Other reports described the summary detention of civilians, brutal body searches, "whipping, beating, varying types of public humiliation" of detainees ­ including children ­ and acts of sexual assault committed by "peacekeepers."
That The United Nations changes your President as they recently did in Haiti.

Changing Commands:
The Betrayal of America's Military by John F. McManus

The United Nations is creating a world government.

What kind of government will that be?
Most of the member nations of The United Nations are totalitarian, by American standards. Are we supposed to believe that all of these dictators are planning to give up their power so that we can have a one world constitutional republic, with a competitive free enterprise system?
Or shouldn't we conclude that we would wind up with a totalitarian socialist superstate?

Who is your representative at The United Nations?
Can you remember; for whom, you voted?
The fact is: you HAVE NO REPRESENTATIVE AT the United Nations.
EVERYONE voting at the United Nations is appointed by a government.
Most of those governments are totalitarian.
The United Nations is a government of the governments, for the governments, and by the governments.

The fact is:
The world is be conquered by totalitarians, in the name of peace.

Global Tyranny...Step by Step: The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order by William F. Jasper


Would a United Nations world government respect freedom of religion?

Freedom on the altar: The U.N.'s crusade against God & family by William Norman Grigg

Would a United Nations world government respect the right to keep and bear arms?

Global Gun Grab by William Norman Grigg

Who created the United Nations?

The Fearful Master: A Second Look At the United Nations (Paperback) by G. Edward Griffin (Author)

Of the 17 individuals identified by the US State Department as having helped shape US policy leading to the creation of the United Nations, all
but one were later identified as secret members of the Communist Party USA. The first Secretary General of the UN was Alger Hiss, who subsequently served time in prison for perjury about spying.
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