What Would You Do If Bush Declared Martial Law?

Sorry for the delayed response.
The answer is in training yes. Everything Drill Instructors want they get.
But 'in service' we're taught to improvise. As we did during that train mail robbery crisis. My first account of Marines defending on American shores, as directed by the Commander in Chief.
Currently everything the president is doing is allowed by the houses. Although there always the Super Court interpetations...
As a Devildog we will defend "dumb Americans" who electoring balances the powers.
Any president declaring Marshall Law is a fool to believe we'll surrender our honor, which is to the Corps. Not necessarily this country and for which it stand. Marines are the military balance. We're actually police not military. Like the French Foriegn Legion, any nation that we fight for must adhere to principles simular to our own.
Questions of Marine rank and file in regards with command, can be answered researching Vietnam, where soilders executed lieutinants, they felt weren't in accord with our standards.
Thank God we're Americans!