What the Gonzalez for Mayor folks are up to

Hey all,

  Somehow I got on the mailing list for Matt Gonzalez. I'm forwarding this message as an example of the kind of little-preparation, roll-up-your-sleeves activism I think we could do well to emulate.

Yours in liberty,
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Dear Gonzalez for Mayor Supporters:

Thank you for all of the outpouring of support and words of encouragement so far for the campaign, things are definitely moving forward and now it's time to kick into gear! And for us to do that, we're going to need each and every one of you - so the only questions is....are you ready to make a difference in the 2003 Mayor's race? If so, here's how you can help:

Weekend Mobilization:
When: this Saturday, August 16th
Where: Campaign HQ - 568 Haight Street (bet. Steiner & Fillmore) @ the Horseshoe Cafe
Time: 10 am

What will be we doing?: Voter Reg., Precinct Walking, Merchant walks, Tabling, etc. - everything we can to spread the word about Matt... Window signs, stickers, literature, and buttons for the campaign will be available!

If you've got 'em, bring 'em: Clipboards, Ironing boards, etc.

Other volunteer opportunities: Some of you have been kind enough (and able) to offer even more than just time on the weekends for Matt's campaign and we would love the help! Please speak with Quintin and/or send us an email about what you're willing to do (the more flexibility the better) & we will certainly find a spot for you!!!! As they say, the more the merrier...

It's time to make a difference! Spread the word...Gonzalez for Mayor!