What I've been up to

Hi all,

  Sorry to be so out of touch lately. I just got back yesterday from a last-minute trip to Switzerland with Bureaucrash (the libertarian activist group that I went to Cancun with last year) to protest at the World Health Organization conference in Geneva and stopped over in London on the way back. A donor came through with funding for them, and I could hardly say no to a free trip to Europe.

  Now after seeing a client and getting things together, I'll be leaving later today with Raphael to drive to the LP convention in Atlanta. Last night I caught up with at least a good portion of my email, and wanted to say good work to Chris for all the great activism and contacts at the marriage equality demonstration, and hopefully the candidates' event at Rob's went well -- sorry I could not be there.

  To Mike and Sarosh, thanks for your feedback -- I'll continue working on additional employee union contracts when I return, which I'm guessing may be sometime around June 10 depending what we do on the way back.

  As usual I feel like there's stuff I wanted to mention that I'm forgetting, but can't think of it right now. To those of you also attending the convention, see you in Atlanta!

Yours in liberty,
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