What Is th Sound of One Hand Clapping?


I'm curious. Since you're not a libertarian, what is your interest in
posting so voluminously on a libertarian list?

Warm regards, Michael

 Well, maybe I am a libertarian in some ways, as I've found as I've read and responded to these posts\.  
I had always thought that Libertarians were opposed to a lot of government control, so I was really surprised when the Libertarian Party endorsed Prop\. 19\.  Prop\. 19  was just chock\-full of taxes, regulations and controls\.  \(Of course, a lot of people didn't realy realize the actual effects Prop\. 19 would have, since it had clearly been drafted to allow its proponents to make claims that would not come into effect for various drafting and legal reasons\.\)
 After getting involved with cannabis because of my MS, I ended up getting very involved in wanting to reverse the effects of the big Hearst/Mellon/Anslinger/Dupont plot to criminalize all species of cannabis\.   I became part of a Yahoo discussion group, GlobalMarijuana Relegalization \(whose name I'd prefer was GlobalMarijuanaLiberation\)\.  That group's topics have ranged over topics that, at first blush, seem non\-cannabis\-related, but are: the banking system, Codex Alimentarius, the use of treties to take awaty individual rights, the income tax, endless war, the drug war, and more \-\- and it turns out that there is this interlinking of issues that form a big picture that, basically, is that we need MORE freedom and LESS government\.
 Meanwhile, the GMR discusion group ended up with Version 1 of RMLW, which we dissected and debated with DML and, rarely, RMLW's official proponents\.  Then after we'd finished that debate, someone with Kubby connections leaked GMR a copy of Version 2 \-\- the one with the Narc Squad provisions\.  Was I pissed off\!
Then we discovered that DML was "interviewing Kubby for Cannabis Culture as though he was a disintersted journalist \-\- when he'd been acting as Kubby''s Director of Activist Communications \(more like his propagandist, in my opinion\)\.  Dishonest, unethical journalism\.  
   I started looking on the 'net for other postings/blogs/articles in which the Kubby team was trying to promote their initiative, so that I could warn people that what Kubby touted as having been endorsed by the Libertarian Party was NOT the same initiative he'd sent to the AG to become the circulating petition for signatures\.  And somewhere I ended up finding THIS discusion group discussing the RMLW initiative, so started posting to it to let people know what I'd seen\.
 It's all a process of education; I'm always open to be persuaded\.