What if Congress Refuses to Pay for Trump's Wall?

If Congress passes a budget without $20 billion for the wall and Trump
refuses to sign it, the nation will shut down because there will be no
money to pay the bills as the debt ceiling will have been reached. This
happened under Obama when the government had to shut down for 18 days
because Congress did not want to pay for Obamacare. Obama did things like
shutting down the Washington Monument and Mount Rushmore just to embarrass
the Republicans. (How can you shut down the Washington Monument?) Finally
the Republicans caved and that is how Obamacare got passed. Trump may think
that “playing chicken” like this will work again, but I think he will be
wrong. The hard core Republicans will never back down on this one, by
paying $20 billion for a useless wall. They will have another more
effective remedy. Nobody wants to say it, but we know what it is.

Sam Sloan