What can a libertarian from NYC do in SF?

Hello Alton,

Thank you for your e-mail! You ask what you should do while in San Francisco October 26 - November 10. If I were you, I would pick a few evenings to eat at our famous restaurants; visit our tourist stops which happen to be interesting (Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, Nob Hill on the cable car), stroll through Golden Gate Park's Arboretum and other attractions at the Park. But I am not you, and therefore, to allow you a wider perspective on what you should do in San Francisco, I am forwarding your e-mail to our Activist List list.

Our group is eclectic, so I am hoping for lots and varied suggestions.

Have a great time in San Francisco!




  I'm not upset. In fact I'd be happy to meet Alton and compare ideas
and perspectives. Lunch sounds like a great idea (I've copied him on
this message). If our folks aren't bored with it, and if our guest can
stomach the mid-Market area which is on the edge of the Tenderloin,
I'd suggest Ananda Fuara, since it is a great restaurant and that way
Alton can see where we have our post-meeting dinners, and we can point
out the nearby library where the actual meetings are. City Hall, also
nearby, is imho a must-see for out-of-town visitors if he hasn't
already been; one of the most gorgeous buildings in San Francisco
(despite the immoral purposes for which it is used). The federal court
building at 7th & Mission is also a short walk away and worth checking
out if you're into beautiful old architecture.


  I rather doubt that you are serious about the charter buses and meals
for the homeless and all. But if you are really willing to pay for all
that, I will totally help you recruit homeless people to drive over to
Oakland. Lots of people on the street could use a free hot meal and a
chance to sleep on a bus, out of the elements, while we're getting
enough folks together to make the trip. I'd recommend just a single
bus to start with though; you can always get more ambitious about it
if you think the first run goes well. While you drive the bus, I could
use the on-board PA system to talk to our passengers about
libertarianism, and about helping the Occupy Oakland protesters stand
up for freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and so on. It might not
be a "final solution", but it would be providing a charitable public

  I do have some ideas about solutions to the homelessness problem;
perhaps we can discuss them in person. One precept that informs my
perspective is what I see as a key distinction between libertarians
and conservatives.

  The conservative attitude toward people who are poor, homeless,
unemployed, etc., tends to focus on blaming the individual -- "You're
lazy! Why don't you clean yourself up and get a job?", etc.

  I would say that the libertarian attitude, by contrast, is informed
by a greater awareness that these things are, in the aggregate,
consequences of public policy, and that government, which tends to
benefit the wealthy and powerful at the expense of the poor and
marginalized (despite paying *lip service* to the goal of helping the
latter and justifying its spending and programs on this basis!), is
the *main cause* of homelessness, poverty, and unemployment.

  Government has grown dramatically during the past few decades in the
United States, and during the same period the gap between rich and
poor has also grown. I don't think that's a coincidence, do you?

  If you have issues seeing people living on the streets though, I
highly suggest next time you visit SF that you stay in a different
part of town! When you referred to your hotel being in the Tenderloin
-- the neighborhood best known for having large concentrations of
homeless people -- I had to chuckle.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))

P.S. - By the way Alton, our monthly meetings are held from 3-5 p.m.
on the second Saturday each month -- it sounds like you may have been
misinformed about that. So our last meeting was on October 8, and our
next one is November 12.

Thank you, Starchild. I so appreciate your willingness to address all points of view via civil argument. Thank you also for helping me welcome a fellow Libertarian to the City. If Alton is game for lunch, I am sure it would be an interesting event!!


Hi Francoise, Starchild, and All,

Alton said he would love to meet us for lunch. He is leaving on Wednesday. His schedule is fluid. I am free any time EXCEPT Monday. I am hoping to give Alton a firm date and time by tomorrow. It would be great if I had your company also. Please let me know your preference.



I would be available at 11:15 AM on Tues. at Ananda Fuara.

Warm regards, Michael

Hi Starchild, Marcy, Michael, & Alton! I would like to join you on Tuesday, so I will go in to work early that day and leave for an early extended lunch with you.

See you!

Fantastic, Aubrey. See you then.


Dear All,

The LPSF lunch with Alton Yee, Manhattan LP Director of Fundraising, is confirmed for Tuesday 11:15 at Ananda Fuara. I think it will be good to hear perspectives from other LP's.

Francoise, as I recall you are often in New York, and if you are interested in dropping in at any of their meetings, you will be welcome via Alton's invitation below.

Thanks all!