Web comment (the fate of authoritarian signs) posted at See/Click/Fix

I’m going to try to start posting images of more of my web commentary on our community email lists…

This one is from SeeClickFix.com (Graffiti - Issue #14327712 - Berkeley, CA - SeeClickFix - Web and Mobile Government 311). It’s a site where people post about stuff around town, usually with a photo, that they think needs official attention. Some of these reports have more merit in libertarian eyes than others. But some government officials are evidently reading and taking action at least in some cases, even if they don’t openly participate in the comments section, which makes it an informal vehicle to lobby government for more pro-freedom policies.

It’s also a place to directly push back against folks who try to sic government on their neighbors (e.g. implicitly asking for cars to be ticketed/towed, which feeds the State). Traditionally people report this kind of stuff via calls to the police or their supervisor or whoever, without this kind of online transparency and opportunity for public discussion. On SeeClickFix.com, your replies appear right under their complaints.

Love & Liberty,

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