"We the People," collective guilt, and Original Sin

With guilt included, we can Marshall Plan.
You shouldn't end something without discussing/protesting all we did. Unless you were a Barbara Lee who stood alone in her vote. Without vanfare.
We're villains to "simply" attest blame, on a single individual/administration.
We the people had to do something and in hindsight...we blew it. Leaving in their wake, the most hor'racist citizen on citizen violence to date.
Militarily (at this point) I rely on a Marshall/re built Japan mode for mutual economic benefits. Leaving Iraq to the people.
Imaging Iraqi people grant amends to those of us who remained silent.

I to get frustrated when everyone blames Hilter of a country with a democratic foundation for the Germans, like I get upset as Americans feel our president is the only one guilty.
You know Sadam refused a hood and remained adamant. Maybe he thought we'd impeach Bush! SMILE