We missed the deadlines for filing ballot arguments 8(

I brought the issue of ballot arguments up at our last meeting, but
got busy and forgot to follow up, and I'm guessing nobody else did
either. I just realized we missed the deadlines for submitting free
ballot arguments on August 18, and the deadline for paid arguments was
yesterday at noon. We really need to get this process institutionalized
so that we don't let this opportunity slip by again!

    <<< starchild >>>

While you're thinking about it, Starchild, why don't you just go into
the LPSF-Activists Yahoo Group calendar and set reminders for the next
few years, like the one I just did. It will send out a reminder to
this group on July 1 of each year from now on, reminding us that
ballot arguments are due the next month:


Of course, one of the group admins can edit/delete mine if it's not in
the format you want. Just wanted to show how easy it is. Took me
less than a minute.