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"Society in every state is
a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil."
Thomas Paine
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These kinds of surveys come around from time to time and get everyone all hot and bothered. But it is a false choice. The Second Amendment does NOT "give individuals the RIGHT to keep and bear arms". It is a statement confirming that the people already have that right out of natural law...like the right to breath and speak your mind. The Bill of Rights didn't give any rights....it simply affirmed rights that people already had by virtue of their being alive. Voting for this is a trap. Because if the second amendment can give us that right, repeal of it can take it away.


Good point, Mike. You are correct about that.

But it is from this point that we, as a political machine, MUST have the capacity to re-articulate the public perception of this right in its proper terms.

This is a crucial distinction. As Mike pointed out, this poll articulates the support of the 2nd Amendment, in terms that assault the actual right.

Hi Nina,

May I respectfully disagree with both you and Mike?

The objective of the BOR was not to give rights or even to affirm rights.

It was meant to serve as a constraint on Govt and prohibit it from violating the people's natural rights. The BOR would not be so misunderstood if it were named more accurately, the "Bill of Prohibitions"

Warm regards, Michael
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Correct….thanks for the clarification Michael.


As I read Nina's and Mike's posts, you all are saying the same thing from different points: There are ALREADY rights that BOR and USC are designed to secure/affirm/defend.

That's makes four of us, on the same page, so far.

This is a vital distinction to restore the political landscape to the DOI.

It is only in this landscape, the architecture of government can be examined safely and consistently.