We have a Facebook page, and we need more postings

The Libertarian Party of San Francisco has a Facebook page. Wouldn't it be great if more libertarians used it to promote libertarian principles, Gary Johnson for President, interesting articles and other stuff?


I might be willing to use it for my letter to the editor creations, if I had a
clue on how Facebook works.
I am completely Facebookless and Twitterless and have never gotten onto either
of them.

If you want to send some instructions, I will try it.
It took me serveral years to get into the present millenium.
I was saying 1992 for 2002 etc for some years.


You and me both, Les. Thanks a bunch for your willingness to try. I will send some instructions by end of day tomorrow.


Hello libs'
Does anybody miss phone lists and voice communication?

I like to use emails. I do not miss phone lists and voice communications.
Phone lists were always a nuisance to maintain.
Voice communication can be difficult for someone who is hearing impaired.
However, I have never gotten the hang of some of the newer stuff like Twitter
and Facebook.
It takes some old dogs a long time to learn new tricks.



Hi Les,

I like e-mails too; and also Facebook, as a quick "hello there", and as a propagator of ideas. So, thank you for your willingness to try Facebook. Here is the information you asked for.

The way I would suggest starting with Facebook is,

1. Go to www.facebook.com . Blue screen says Sing In or Sign Up. Click Sign Up.

2. Enter you information. If you don't want to give your real birthday, give one a couple of days off. Under preferences later on you have the option of the year not showing on your profile.

3. Unless Facebook has really gone bananas, you do not have to give them your mobile number if you don't want to; choose e-mail log in.

4. Facebook will send you an e-mail which you need to confirm. They want to make sure you are really you... and not the CIA or something.

5. After your e-mail is confirmed. You can customize your account, ask people to "friend you", and join groups.

6. To join the LPSF group: type LPSF on "search for people, places, and things" on the top Facebook banner. Once you are on the LPSF page, click "Join this group". One of us moderators will "approve" you.

7. To post your own writing, links, whatever, just click the blank space on top that says "what's on your mind".

Les, this is how I joined. There is probably 105 other ways to do it better; and others on this list are welcome to chine in.

Facebook has become like Microsoft Office or Quick Books; if you are not using them, you are not in business. I cannot escape MS Office or Quick Books, but I avoid the "Log in with Facebook" on other websites just on principle.


Hi John,

No. I hate the telephone. I would rather boil in oil than call people on the phone. E-mails are great.


Thank you, Les, for becoming a member of LPSF Facebook!