Watered-down Quiz

Jim Eyer pointed out to me the fact that the quiz
changes periodically in response to political winds. I
personally haven't checked that out. He has come up
with his own version, using the rationale that since
the Advocates change it at will, why can't the

Constance Ericson
Alameda County Chair
Editor, Libertarian Lifeline

--- Sandy Pierre <scitarel@...> wrote:

That's really interesting. I just compared the
current version to the
version I have printed on a card, and the changes
are rather subtle
and hard to notice. And the website not only makes
no mention of a
revision to the quiz, it specifies that it is "the
Political Quiz". It seems to me they should specify
that the quiz has
been revised, particularly since they quote various
organizations who
commented on the older version.

--Sandy Pierre

--- In lpsf-discuss@yahoogroups.com, Kelly Simpson
> The Advocates for Self-Government made drastic
changes to the World's
> Smallest Political Quiz (see
http://self-gov.org/quiz.html). Does
> on this list know why?
> With the new Quiz, a person could score at the top
of the chart without
> advocating *any* of the following:
> * Repealing laws that prohibit selling drugs.
> * Not hindering migration.
> * Ending farm subsidies. (Many people don't think
of farm subsidies
> they think of government handouts to business.)
> * Repealing minimum-wage laws.
> * Ending taxes.
> I wrote to Sharon Harris, president of the
Advocates, about this on
> March 23, and she has not answered.
> Kelly


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