Was anyone aware that SF is being considered for 2012 LP national convention?

Probably not seriously, is my impression. On the other hand, if the
state or national party were trying to organize something here and
didn't bother to communicate with us about it, it wouldn't be the
first time.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Agreed. Which is why no effort was made to truly research the SF option.
They basically had their minds set on having it in Root's territory, off
the Strip in Vegas. It's now basically down to 2 committee members
supporting Vegas, and 2 supporting Dallas, with none supporting SF (the
fifth member was removed from the committee), which makes the likelihood of
the LNC choosing the SF option fairly slim.

Of course, if we had been given the same opportunity to lobby for SF that
Root was given to lobby for Vegas, things probably would have been
different. :-\


Rob, you asked about LNC contacting us regarding LP convention. No one contacted me. I would not be aghast if Vegas were picked over San Francisco; considering we have not showed overwhelming enthusiasm for the LNC, we have no high-profile star-quality slick-haired hero in the Bay Area, some in LPSF have steadily campaigned for conventions in City parks, and San Francisco has no gambling or extravaganzas while being very expensive. With such profile, I doubt if we need "sandbagging". But then, the City does have its charm, so maybe.....