War photography exhibit: Cambodia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Sudan, West Bank, and Iraq (Wednesday, Sept. 28, 7-10pm)

Mark Brecke: War Photographer

Wednesday, September 28th


$5 donation

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Mark Brecke: War Photographer
Photos, films, slides and stories from Cambodia, Kosovo, Rwanda,
Sudan, West Bank, and Iraq

Please join us for an evening with independent war photographer and
filmmaker Mark Brecke. See photos and film clips and hear stories
from Mark who has been documenting war, ethnic conflict and genocide
over ten years and three continents including the some of the most
troubled regions, including Cambodia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Sudan, West
Bank, and Iraq.

The evening will feature a slideshow lecture on the Darfur region of
Sudan where Mark spent last fall/winter traveling behind rebel lines
with the Sudanese Liberation Army where he saw first hand the
genocide taking place.

100% of the proceeds from this benefit will go to Mark Brecke who has
done numerous benefits for humanitarian relief organizations but was
unable to pay his own phone bills and rent last month after returning
from Washington, D.C where he presented his slideshow on Capital Hill
and spoke on behalf of the people of Darfur to members of congress.

Brought to you by the American Friends Service Committee and the
Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane

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Quaker Meeting House
65 9th Street
San Francisco

Between Market and Mission streets

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