War & Law Forum "U.S. Wars - Are They Lawful?" Nov. 11, 2012

Right on, Marcy. Was it well attended? I'm sorry I didn't end up making it.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

Yes, I thought it was well attended; I don't know how to calculate numbers, but it seemed that about three quarters of the Koret Auditorium was occupied (I know that does not help if you don't know the Koret Auditorium).

What struck me was that most of the attendees were older folks; very few young people. Both Cindy and Medea mentioned that the anti-war, anti-intervention activism has diminished considerably over the last 10 years; they attributed the situation to the younger generation being brought up believing the current status quo is the norm, that there is no other reality.

Although this is a national, not local issue, the effects of a lawless government are felt locally (where else?). The example of the Oakland residents kicking out the FEMA trucks is, I believe, a perfect one; and, of course, so is the federal ban on drugs.