War in Ukraine

This war is bullshit. The US is clearly directing the military actions. We should draft at least a statement against the escalations.


Who is going to Read Your Little “Letter” & Care, Chris?

PEACEFUL Boycotting & ProTesting are more effective. Most Bay Area Residents aren’t going to jet to the East Coast to get in the face of Pentagon Mass Murderers & their bloodied enablers in Congress & the White House, BUT one of the most long standing/rolling public-Outreach social ProPeace Demonstration has been taking place in SF for DECADES now. Perhaps the LP should come out, — Clothed or #BareAsYouDare — & do some outreach to grow your franchise & rail against #USgovt #MurderInc. Especially now as Our Style of ProTest just got a nice virtual/twitverse shoutout from whomever is Leading the SFLP in 2023!