Walter Block Speaking In SF (03/05/09)

Mar 5. University of San Francisco, Chapter of the Federalist Society

"The causes of and cures for the present economic crisis"

Commentator: Professor Hartmut Fischer of the USF Department of Economics

Contacts: Michael John Schowalter, Jr., schowalter@...;

For non-USF guests: the event will take place at 12:30pm on Thursday the 5th
at the University School of Law in Kendrick Hall Rm 101.

Lunch will be served. The USF Law school is located at 2199 Fulton St., SF,
CA (Corner of Fulton and Shrader St.)

Here is a link to our school which has a map:;

Parking: Street parking only.

March 5. Golden Gate University, Chapter of the Federalist Society.

"The causes of and cures for the present economic crisis"; contact: John
Holman, johnmholmans@...;

Room 3209, at 3-5PM at 536 Mission St., San Francsco.

Just had a chat with a friend of mine who is a gun enthusiest. He has been skeptical of my libertarian viewpoints in the past but is now getting fearful.

Apparently the ongoing ammo shortage is starting to accelerate and some online shops are now not even shipping until June. Prices have gone way up as well. Low grade stuff is now selling for what mid grade sold for just a month or two ago. Not good.

So if you have any thoughts about buying a gun in the future, you might want to lock in on some ammo now while you still can.


Damn, one more thing to feel apprehensive about. I confess I haven't been following this -- what is the cause of the shortage? And is there an "industry standard" for ammunition (i.e. a variety that is compatible with most guns) that you would recommend for those not into the gun culture who might be acquiring a firearm at some point?

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hey Starchild - So there are two prevailing theories for the increasing demand - 1) general fear of future economic meltdown and resultant crime wave and 2) Obama's threat to serialize ammo. I personally favor #1. Either way the consensus is that it is not a supply problem or the myth that the US military is buying them all up for wars.

I don't think I'm qualified to answer your second question, although I should think popular calibers are best to stick with - 9MM, .38, etc


btw - I'm trusting that you plan to lead the forthcoming street demonstrations here in SF :slight_smile: We should start planning now before the greens/socialists have time to mobilize. (seriously)

Does anyone know whether Walter Block will be giving the same talk at both these events, and whether there is a cost to attend either? I'm wondering in particular about the lunch that will be served at the USF event, according to the message below -- presumably there is a charge associated with this, but I see nothing about that on the flier, which says the lunch is provided by Burma Superstar, a popular restaurant on Clement Street. Hopefully vegetarian/vegan options will be included? Finally, will the format of each event allow direct questions from the audience? It is kind of a turn-off when only moderators or hosts are allowed to ask questions, or audience questions are screened.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Dear Starchild,

It's my understanding all events are free to the public, both the USF and GGU talks are on the same topic, and audience questions will be part of Walter's presentations.

I don't know if vegan or vegetarian items will be available, although this is likely since Burma Superstar offers many on their regular menu, including brown rice.

Warm regards, Michael