Voter Registration Drive

No need for a special trip to City Hall, I have plenty of voter
registration forms. I'm willing to work on this as well.

  I suggest San Francisco State as a better place to register voters
than the Embarcadero, however. Young people such as are to be found in
greater numbers around college campuses are more likely to be
unregistered or open to changing their political views, and we can
simultaneously look for people interested in getting a libertarian
student group started there.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Aubrey and Starchild,

Thanks for carrying this project forward. I know we discussed Embarcadero at the meeting; however, I am agreeing with Starchild that young folks are more likely to need registration. Aubrey, S.F. State might be easier for you to reach than Embarcadero; better parking as well.

I also have some voter registration forms. I have some of the "Left vs Right" brochure. Problem is, I slapped them all with our contact information just before our mail box moved; so I have to figure a quick way to remedy that.

We still have many door hangers. Howe about cutting the hanger part and using them as handouts?



  I think weekdays are busier at SFSU, but as you say there are a good
number of people around on weekends too. I don't have a fixed
schedule, so would just like to play it by ear, but I'm potentially up
for any given Saturday, so feel free to let me know when it's a good
day for you.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))