Volunteers needed for convention on Saturday

Hi everyone,
I need volunteers to help me with the convention on Saturday.
I really need someone to come with me to pick up chairs. There's more than 50 people registered on Eventbrite, which is way more than I thought would be interested. I'm renting chairs from Mom Chairs in SF and I need to pick them up the morning of the convention. Nick is helping me but I need someone else to be in the car since I can't pull over anywhere near the chair shop or near Clickup (unless we're very lucky to find parking.) I'll pick you up early in the day on Saturday and we can get the chairs and bring them to Clickup.
If you can't help me get the chairs I also need help with checking people in. Since it's a convention, we need to make sure we know who's a central committee member.
I also need help with setting up in the morning and cleaning up at night.

Where and what time Rebecca?


Over 50, wow! That's great, Rebecca. I should be available to come help. You know that the Golden Gate Liberty r3VOLution group has some folding chairs we can probably use?

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,
Can you be at Clickup at 11:30 to help us set up? Nick Smith and Alex Mills will help me get the chairs. Thanks for volunteering.

I have additional volunteer positions that I need to fill.
We need a secretary for the convention. We also need someone to run for secretary, but would anyone be willing to take the minutes just at this meeting?
I need someone to help me check people in at the front. We need to verify the amount of central committee members that are present (not many have registered unfortunately).