Volunteer Activist action in San Francisco (now through at least February 28)


  I didn't see this listed on the FIJA website, so thought I'd mention it so you can add it to the "Volunteer Activists Needed Now" section.

  The Cannabis Action Network is organizing distribution of jury rights fliers every weekday morning in February outside the federal building and courthouse in San Francisco (450 Golden Gate Avenue at Larkin), from 7 or 730 a.m. to at least 10 a.m. We can always use more help so come on out if you can make it! For more info, contact Danielle Schumacher at (510) 486-8083 or <can@...>.

  C.A.N. has also produced a very nice 4" x 6" glossy flier on jury rights, that refers people to the FIJA website. You might want to contact them for the file so you can put it up on the FIJA site for people to check out and/or download (I just checked the C.A.N. site and couldn't find it there, but hopefully they will also make it available online).

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