Visit Sen. Feinstein's office in San Francisco

Eric and others,
   A friend of ours got the following message. I guess the non-conservative side is organized, too. But, of course, this OFA group does not consider itself a "special interest" or "partisan" group. And just like the Tea Party people, they are trying to get the grassroots people to speak up. Actually I think the OFA (who supports them financially?) has a good idea and I would encourage each of the Libertarians to visit Senator Feinstein and give her your opinion about the proposed health care bill. Senator Feinstein might be surprised to learn that there actually are people in S.F. who don't agree with the government health plan.
Marge and Bob

Marge and Bob ask the perhaps rhetorical question of who supports Organize for America financially. In the OFA website, for all to see: "Paid for Organize for America, a Project of the Democratic National Committee." If anyone can come up with a similar wording for the financial support of a local Tea Party Group, I will stand contrite and corrected.

BTW, could the LPSF conceivably make an appointment to see Feinstein; or as a political party we are somehow prohibited from that kind of lobbying?