Vince Milller, RIP

I just heard of Vince's passing from Morey Straus who saw this note from Eric Garris on Lew Rockwell:

  I called and talked to Jim Peron, who is at ISIL with Jim Elwood. He said Vince, who went to the LP convention in Denver -- the last place I saw him -- had already been sick in Denver, either with something else which weakened his system and made it easier for this fungal infection to do him in, or from the infection itself depending how long it lasted before he was seen. Jim said Jim Elwood, Vince's longtime colleague as ISIL vice-president who shared a house with him in Benicia in the East Bay, is doing all right. They'd been expecting the worst for a couple weeks, as he was in the hospital but kept getting worse, spending his last days in intensive care.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))