Very Sad news: Ron Crickenberger passes away...

L i b e r t y W i r e


Dear friends,

I have sad news to report. Ron Crickenberger passed away overnight.
He's survived by his partner Noelle Stettner, two children, and one
newborn grandchild.

The libertarian movement has lost a superb activist.

I last saw Ron, in good health, back in August. He was working hard to
assure the future of the Virginia Libertarian Party. I was there to
give a speech. Ron sat near the front during my speech and I can still
see his encouraging nods.

I first met Ron in 1997 at a Success conference put on by the
Libertarian Party. Ron, Rob Shuford, and I all had an interest in
precinct organization and voter I.D. We discussed proposals and tactics
for building Libertarian precincts, and how to test those plans. It was
exactly the kind of conversation Ron enjoyed the most. He was tireless
in his work as political director of the party.

I've asked Perry Willis to write the American Liberty Foundation
memorial to Ron. Perry is the co-founder of the foundation. He was the
national director of the Libertarian Party from 1993-1997. He worked in
the office daily with Ron for a couple of years, and it was Ron who
took his place as national director.

Jim Babka
American Liberty Foundation