Ventura musings

Wow, what a great convention we had.

First the location. The Hotel sits right on the beach, and the convention was held in the penthouse on the twelfth floor with floor to ceilings on two sides with blue water all around.

The best part was meeting old and young, libertarians. After so many years, I learn so much, and get so pumped by hearing and socializing with our brilliant and enthusiastic embers.

Dan Weiner stands out, every time he opens his mouth I learned something and got more enthusiastic.

The folks from san Bernadino County and surrounds, The Live Free and Happy crowd had some of the best parties and were an inspiration of how great leadership can create a powerful cadre of young libertarians.

New bloo was elected to various positions, and the still young at heart Dan Weiner was elected as our Rep on the Central committee, and our own Starchild as an alternate.

Gary Johnson mixed it up with us and won the straw poll.
Jim Wright was second, I think. He was the pure libertarian with the wonderful Tar Heel accent. He had a fun hospitality suite too.

Aubrey shined as our vice chair and enjoyed the conversation and comradier.

There was remarkably little rancor in the business parts , and it all went pretty well.

All in all an inspiring weekend.

Disclaimer. My names and spelling may be off, so just consider this report my unedited impression, My facts and names may be wrong.